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The Acolyte, Clipped, and more new TV this week

Crush of the week: Haikyu!!’s coach Ukai

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Star Trek: Discovery tore itself apart for the good of Star Trek’s future

And it helped set the tone for where Star Trek is now

Lara Croft roars in the first trailer for Netflix’s Tomb Raider anime

Halt and Catch Fire understood video games better than any other show

Every movie and show coming to Netflix in June

Doctor Who goes full Black Mirror only to set up its most shocking twist

Scavengers Reign, a sci-fi show like no other, now gets a second shot at life on Netflix

Why Lucasfilm decided the High Republic is the future of Star Wars

Netflix is making a Minecraft animated series

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WWE is rebooting – is it working?

My Favorite Anime: Mercedes Varnado’s journey from Sailor Moon to My Hero Academia

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Tom Bombadil, cut from Lord of the Rings movies, to step out in Rings of Power

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The must-watch anime to look out for in summer 2024

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The 5 best Korean dramas to watch on Netflix this summer

Netflix’s Eric, Star Trek: Discovery’s series finale, and more new TV this week

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The most anticipated TV shows of the summer

The Sympathizer’s best dual identity trick was its last one

Francesca actually got the most romantic plotline in Bridgerton

Bridgerton’s love triangle teed up the wrong romance

The Witcher season 4 teaser proves that Liam Hemsworth sure looks like Geralt

Doctor Who put Steven Moffat back where he belongs

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On Cool Sword Day, celebrate the only thing cooler than dual-wielding swords…

Abbott Elementary’s season 3 finale, Jeopardy! Masters, and more

Ben Schwartz and other comedy greats join Make Some Noise season 3

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The makers of Shogun, Wheel of Time, BSG, and more sound off on Game of Thrones’ true legacy

5 years after the HBO fantasy series ended, the industry is still figuring out what it meant

Is Bridgerton already setting up its promised queer romance?

X-Men ’97 wasn’t about superheroes, it was about people

Shōgun’s coming back for season 2, but no one’s quite sure how just yet

My Favorite Anime: Joaquim Dos Santos’ journey from Macross to Sword of the Stranger

Did you hear what Bridgerton season 3 is up to? Scandalous!

X-Men ’97’s Morph actor wants the shapeshifter to find love — just not with Wolverine

Karliak digs into how Marvel’s X-Men revival is getting representation right

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