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Star Trek

The Star Trek universe is bigger than ever with Discovery, Picard, Lower Decks, Strange New Worlds, Prodigy, and new Star Trek movies are on the boldly going into the future. Here's all the latest Star Trek fans news, casting, episode reviews, and critical breakdowns beamed down in one place for fans.

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Star Trek: Discovery tore itself apart for the good of Star Trek’s future

And it helped set the tone for where Star Trek is now

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Star Trek: Discovery boldly goes where no Trek has gone before by saying religion is... OK, actually

‘Whistlespeak’ breaks from Trek tradition to be pretty chill about believing in a higher power

Star Trek: Discovery is cracking open a box Next Gen closed on purpose

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Star Trek: Discovery is finally free to do whatever it wants

Imagining the future of the future

The 10 horniest episodes of Star Trek

The Picard Legacy Collection puts one of the greatest remasters of all time in sprawling context

Patrick Stewart told Paramount he wants a Picard movie

Star Trek’s hysterical retro shorts need to become a real show

Strange New Worlds season 2 shows how far Star Trek has come

Scotty’s accent was legendarily bad, but Scottish Star Trek fans loved him anyway

Strange New Worlds’ season 2 finale would make ’90s Star Trek proud

Star Trek is finally treating Spock like a human being

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Star Trek’s first-ever musical episode divided the Strange New Worlds cast

To boldly go...

Star Trek: Discovery’s final season has more portals, more baddies, and more David Cronenberg

Star Trek history was made and Strange New Worlds barely cared (which is great)

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ season 2 premiere is free on YouTube

Strange New Worlds solved Star Trek’s trial episode problem

Star Trek has never known exactly what Klingons look like, until now (maybe)

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is upending canon for its new engineer

The best new Star Trek show is free to watch on YouTube

Star Trek: Resurgence launches in May

Picard season 3 is great for me, less great for Star Trek

Picard says goodbye with a mysterious hint at Star Trek’s future

Michelle Yeoh officially returns to Star Trek for Section 31 movie

Where to get the Star Trek: The Next Generation 4K movies

Star Trek: Starfleet Academy officially a go at Paramount Plus

Star Trek: Legacy deserves a chance to exist

Picard season 3 is becoming a finale for ’90s Trek, and might just save the show

The best Riker episodes of Star Trek, without question

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What Worf really meant to Star Trek legend Michael Dorn

Michael Dorn’s Klingon officer is Star Trek’s MVP

If every franchise needs a kid, at least Star Trek: Picard does it well

Star Trek: Picard season 3 trailer gets the whole Next Gen gang back together

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