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For all the latest news on science fiction movies, TV shows, games, and more. Plus the future!!

An Armored Core wielding an assault rifle faces a giant mecha in a screenshot from Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon

This Armored Core 6 lore video is the best mecha movie of 2024

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Star Trek: Discovery tore itself apart for the good of Star Trek’s future

And it helped set the tone for where Star Trek is now

George Miller’s smartest move in Furiosa is totally dissing Immortan Joe

Who is Furiosa’s equivalent of the Doof Warrior?

Doctor Who goes full Black Mirror only to set up its most shocking twist

Scavengers Reign, a sci-fi show like no other, now gets a second shot at life on Netflix

Anya Taylor-Joy walked off the Furiosa set with her favorite prop

Why Lucasfilm decided the High Republic is the future of Star Wars

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Let Keanu Reeves punch and shoot his way onto your summer reading list

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The Expanse’s James S.A. Corey returns with a new space opera — read the first chapter now

George Miller did 5 things to make Furiosa an essential prequel instead of a cash grab

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Respect to the director of Netflix’s Atlas for thinking deeply about mechs

Jennifer Lopez’s dance skills were key to making the machines work

Where does Furiosa fit into the Mad Max timeline? George Miller says it doesn’t matter

Doctor Who put Steven Moffat back where he belongs

The top 5 times a remastered Phantom Menace trailer made me incorrectly go ‘Star Wars is so back’

The best sci-fi movies to watch on Netflix this May

Upgrade is a terrific cyberpunk thriller disguised as an action movie, and it’s now on Netflix

3 Body Problem renewed for season 2 — and however many more seasons it needs to wrap

Furiosa kicks sand in the face of boring franchise-filler movies

What’s it like to crush on a Victorian man transported to modern London? Kaliane Bradley had to find out

Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes’ posters and trailers all contain a huge spoiler

Doctor Who’s new season breaks one big tradition

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Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes’ VFX lead explains its ethical use of machine learning

How Wētā FX’s digital tools made the film possible, without replacing workers or stealing other people’s art

George Miller explains what his live-action Furiosa kept from the anime version

Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes brings nothing to the table

Where to watch all the Planet of the Apes movies on streaming

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Star Trek: Discovery boldly goes where no Trek has gone before by saying religion is... OK, actually

‘Whistlespeak’ breaks from Trek tradition to be pretty chill about believing in a higher power

First photo confirms: James Gunn’s Superman will wear his underwear on the outside

Gen V producers won’t recast the late Chance Perdomo’s character

The animated sci-fi mystery Mars Express aims high and lands among the stars

The makers of Dune 2’s viral popcorn bucket didn’t see the jokes coming

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Fallout took the Alien approach with the Brotherhood of Steel — and it worked

The power suit had to be ‘kind of klutzy’ to work

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