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Puzzmo Really Bad Chess art

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Play Really Bad Chess

How to play Chess

You are playing as white. Your goal is to use your pieces to take your opponent’s black pieces, and eventually checkmate their king.

Don’t let them put your king into checkmate.

Each piece type has its own movement pattern that can be seen by tapping (or hovering) over it.

After making a move, be sure to confirm it by tapping again.

If either the black king or white king is threatened, it will cry for help! It must either move away from the threat or have a piece moved to block the threat.

If either king is under threat and cannot escape, or it is the only piece remaining and cannot move into a square that isn’t under threat, the game is over. If you checkmated the black king this way, you’ve won!

How to play Really Bad Chess

Unlike in normal chess, in Really Bad Chess the piece allocations are randomized and not mirrored.

Each day, everyone on Puzzmo plays with the same piece configuration. Try to get a checkmate in the least number of moves!

If you make a mistake, you can always undo — but beware, you cannot undo twice in a row.

You are scored based on the number of moves that it took to checkmate the black king.

Try to win in the lowest number of moves.

Moves taken before an undo still count toward your score.

As always, there are many ways to play Puzzmo! If least moves isn’t your thing, consider trying to checkmate the black king in the fastest time.

Keyboard controls
Use the arrow keys and space bar / return to pick up and move pieces.

You can also select squares by typing in board coordinates.