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Magic: The Gathering

Magic’s Phlage, Titan of Fire’s Fury, reignites the Modern format’s burn decks in MH3

Vocaloid queen Hatsune Miku is coming to Magic: The Gathering

Fallout is ‘probably the best-performing Commander set ever,’ says Hasbro CEO

Outlaws of Thunder Junction, the next big Magic: The Gathering set, is out now

MTG’s Outlaws of Thunder Junction is more complex than (insert Wild West idiom here)

MTG’s Bloomburrow upstaged Assassin’s Creed at MagicCon Chicago

Fallout’s Scrappy Survivors deck takes Magic’s Commander format to new heights

Magic’s first Fallout Commander decklist preview is for Scrappy Survivors

Magic’s megaton reveal of Ravages of War sets this Fallout set apart

Magic’s Universes Beyond will deliver two Lord of the Rings-sized sets of Magic cards every year

Murders at Karlov Manor MTG set introduces multiple new mechanics

MTG: Murders at Karlov Manor launches Feb. 9, here’s where to pre-order

Wizards of the Coast admits using AI art after banning AI art

Hasbro’s layoffs have deeply impacted the D&D and Magic teams

Some of our favorite geeky literature is on sale at Amazon and Target

New Magic: The Gathering set will have you asking ‘whodunit’

Altered TCG could change the economics of Magic, Disney Lorcana, and Pokémon

Scoop up these Magic: The Gathering deals in Amazon’s Cyber Monday sale

Magic: The Gathering foil crossover sets are 10% off at Secret Lair

Magic: The Gathering adds even more sexy Jeff Goldblum cards

The Lost Caverns of Ixalan expansion is now available for Magic: The Gathering

Magic: The Gathering’s not done with its Lord of the Rings license just yet

Inside Magic: The Gathering’s Lost Caverns of Ixalan, a set driven by a love of Latin America

Marvel characters join Magic: The Gathering in 2025

Save $20 on any game over $40 at QVC this weekend

Where to order Magic: The Gathering’s new Fallout decks

A host of Fallout-themed cards are coming to Magic: The Gathering

Magic will stop selling Draft Boosters, continue selling boosters for draft

Here are Prime Day’s Magic: The Gathering deals

Doctor Who comes to Magic: The Gathering with different decks for every era

Check out the new Doctor Who cards for Magic: The Gathering

Where to pre-order MTG’s new Doctor Who and LOTR-themed sets

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