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What makes a game cinematic? The answer is changing

Venom: The Last Dance trailer picks up after all those wacky multiverse post-credits teases

George Miller’s smartest move in Furiosa is totally dissing Immortan Joe

Who is Furiosa’s equivalent of the Doof Warrior?

Godzilla Minus One, the long-awaited Godzilla throwback movie, is finally on Netflix

In a Violent Nature almost made me physically ill, and I loved it

The best movies new to Netflix, Max, and more this June

Every movie and show coming to Netflix in June

Disney’s Jim Henson doc, Boy Kills World, and every movie new to streaming this week

In a Violent Nature offers a grisly new perspective on slasher movies

Longlegs’ director on what the horror movie’s viral marketing campaign is hiding

Return to Silent Hill will be a movie adaptation of Silent Hill 2

Ethan Hawke’s Wildcat rescued Flannery O’Connor’s brilliantly bleak work for me

The 31 best movies on Netflix right now

Anya Taylor-Joy walked off the Furiosa set with her favorite prop

The Titanic 25th anniversary edition sinks to its lowest price ever on Amazon

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Cuckoo’s director hopes young people sneak into his movie and blow their minds

A spoiler-free first look at Hunter Schafer’s upcoming horror movie, from German director Tilman Singer

The best sports movies you can watch at home

Netflix’s My Oni Girl features a 9-minute-long Spirited Away homage

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Thelma is a geri-action movie that doesn’t miss a step

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Hope or nope? 2 radically different readings of I Saw the TV Glow’s bleak ending

Two radically different reads on the end of Jane Schoenbrun’s movie

Moana 2 trailer brings me a new best friend

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Emma Roberts’ NASA rom-com is the Legally Blonde of astronaut movies

George Miller did 5 things to make Furiosa an essential prequel instead of a cash grab

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Robot Dreams’ director founded an animation studio just to adapt a graphic novel he loved

Pablo Berger says he’d never made an animated movie, but when he read Sara Varon’s comic, he knew he had to

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Kill is the brutal thriller that action buffs shouldn’t overlook this summer

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The major movies you could easily miss in the next three months

When will Furiosa come to streaming?

Karyn Kusama on the ‘wonderful and painful’ process of revisiting Girlfight for Criterion

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Respect to the director of Netflix’s Atlas for thinking deeply about mechs

Jennifer Lopez’s dance skills were key to making the machines work

The best movies leaving streaming at the end of May

Dune 2, The Fall Guy, Netflix’s Atlas, and every movie new to streaming this week

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