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In a Violent Nature almost made me physically ill, and I loved it

In a Violent Nature offers a grisly new perspective on slasher movies

Longlegs’ director on what the horror movie’s viral marketing campaign is hiding

Return to Silent Hill will be a movie adaptation of Silent Hill 2

Halle Berry’s new survival horror movie, Never Let Go, looks like a terrifying trip to the woods

Karyn Kusama’s Dracula movie got staked for not being a ‘straightforward monster movie’

Yaoi would save a repressed Edwardian schoolboy — just ask Dead Boy Detectives

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Ridley Scott’s Alien introduced the perfect sci-fi villain

Case closed: Dead Boy Detectives is a hell of a good time

American Horror Story: Delicate ends with a WTF, not a bang

The best horror movies of the year so far, ranked by scariness

M. Night Shyamalan is getting so good that even his new trailers have twists

Abigail turns Let the Right One In into a frenetic horror comedy

Five Nights at Freddy 2 hitting the big screen next year

Horror fishing game Dredge being adapted for live-action movie

American Horror Story: Delicate is back to do what AHS does best

No show is having more fun than Chucky

The Walking Dead is building to something — but it’s not clear what

Sydney Sweeney only does projects that scare her

The 9 best survival horror games you can play right now

The year’s most stylish horror movie so far is about a late-night talk show

Alien Romulus trailer brings the franchise back to straight horror, 45 years later

All the Scream 7 news so far, including its new director

Sydney Sweeney is Hollywood’s most interesting young movie star and Immaculate proves it

Scream brings back Neve Campbell as franchise returns to the drawing board, again

Imaginary is a mess of a horror movie, and not in the fun way

9 great horror movies currently haunting Netflix

The Strangers remake already looks scarier than the original

I Saw the TV Glow already looks like one of the best horror movies of the year

Even True Detective: Night Country’s answers have mysteries

True Detective: Night Country creator’s breakout horror film will ruin you

The best arctic horror stories to watch after True Detective: Night Country

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