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Dungeons & Dragons

Stay up to date on the ever-expanding world of Dungeons & Dragons, including the latest updates to the TTRPG, as well as everything to know about D&D movies, TV shows, and video games.

Dungeons & Dragons is coming to Destiny 2, turning your Warlock into a Mindflayer

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The new collectible Dungeons & Dragons Player’s Handbook cover, revealed

The next season of Critical Role’s The Legend of Vox Machina drops this fall

Critical Role launches its own subscription service, Beacon

The tricks D&D designers used in Vecna: Eve of Ruin to keep 20th-level characters from breaking the game

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D&D’s last 5th edition campaign has some of the best maps of this generation

Vecna: Eve of Ruin, D&D’s final 5th edition campaign, delivers the high-level combat fans have been asking for

I’m dying to play D&D’s biggest idiot, but my parties keep putting me in charge

Vecna: Eve of Ruin is the dessert course for those who’ve feasted on D&D’s best campaigns

Gear up for Quests from the Infinite Staircase with seven classic D&D adventures for just $32

Dimension 20 opts out of controversial Ticketmaster pricing after ticket costs climb past $2K

D&D’s next big swing features a half dozen classic adventures and a creepy spaceship

Lego Insiders can purchase Lego’s first official Dungeons & Dragons set

Worlds Beyond Number is a master class in narrative-style D&D

Larian Studios won’t make any more Baldur’s Gate games

Converse’s new D&D collection of high tops and other gear are a critical success

Get over 100 awesome, femme-forward D&D one-shots for just $20

One of D&D’s greatest treasures will soon be shared with the world

D&D’s 2024 revision of 5th edition won’t be complete until 2025

Dragonlance author confirms Joe Manganiello’s secret TV project is dead

The best actual play of 2024 includes Dungeons & Dragons and many more systems

D&D’s Deck of Many Things is an experiment that failed

The best actual play of 2023 includes Dimension 20, DesiQuest, and more

Getting The Deck of Many Things? These are the card sleeves you need

Pretending to be your D&D character makes working out a lot more engaging

‘Almost nobody left’ of D&D team that helped get Baldur’s Gate 3 off the ground, says Larian CEO

Dimension 20 returns for Junior Year at Fantasy High

Hasbro’s layoffs have deeply impacted the D&D and Magic teams

MCDM Productions is raising money to produce its own D&D alternative

New to D&D? Check out these gift ideas

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