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Console-exclusive AAA games are dead (or dying)

Why Lucasfilm decided the High Republic is the future of Star Wars

Furiosa and Mad Max’s parallel backstories make Fury Road even better

How Animal Well and Lorelei and the Laser Eyes fostered puzzle-solving communities

Indie Game: The Movie is only 12 years old, but it feels like a relic

Magic’s Phlage, Titan of Fire’s Fury, reignites the Modern format’s burn decks in MH3

Nintendo acquiring the studio that ported Hogwarts Legacy is super interesting

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What makes a greatsword great?

I Saw the TV Glow is a powerful call to action — any action

Hollywood might finally start making mid-budget movies again soon

Shōgun’s coming back for season 2, but no one’s quite sure how just yet

Breaking down the themes, monsters, and rings in The Rings of Power’s season 2 trailer

Hades 2 is all about witches and feminine power

Sex scenes in movies are in rapid decline, despite rise in sex-scene discourse

The makers of Dune 2’s viral popcorn bucket didn’t see the jokes coming

Studios are sacrificing 2024’s blockbuster movies to boost 2025’s box office

Challengers’ threesome denies viewers what they want — and gives them something better

Kirsten Dunst spells out the meaning of Civil War in one wordless moment

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Ridley Scott’s Alien introduced the perfect sci-fi villain

Are video game addiction lawsuits having a moment?

Fallout is ‘probably the best-performing Commander set ever,’ says Hasbro CEO

Shōgun is a great war epic that never actually shows us any war

Polygon investigates: How much of Elden Ring did George R.R. Martin write?

Fallout’s bloody wedding continues one of fiction’s longest-running tropes

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Kyle MacLachlan’s subtle dread and kind smile made him perfect for Fallout

Is Bluey over? No — but it could have been

4 key things we learned at CinemaCon about 2024’s biggest movies

After Barbie tackled the patriarchy, Margot Robbie’s Monopoly movie could take a shot at capitalism next

Invincible season 2 gave new meaning to meaningless comic book death

D&D’s next big swing features a half dozen classic adventures and a creepy spaceship

The Wii U was secretly revolutionary — and its online services are finally ending

In 8 years, Stardew Valley never lost sight of its core philosophy

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